Mississippi River Iowish Cream Liqueur is Not Vegan Friendly

by Mississippi River Distilling Company
Address: 303 North Cody Road, PO Box 801
LeClaire, Iowa, 52753
Phone: 563.484.4342
Fax: 563.289.4455
Email: info@mrdistilling.com
URL: http://www.mrdistilling.com/
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Added: almost 8 years ago

Company email (August 2016)

"The only products we make with animal ingredients in our Iowish Cream Liqueur that uses cream and Queen Bee Honey Whiskey which uses real honey. Otherwise, everything else we make would qualify as vegan.

Cody Road Bourbon
Cody Road Rye
River Pilot Vodka
River Rose Gin
River Baron Artisan Spirit"

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