Swedish Hill Classic Catawba is Vegan Friendly

by Swedish Hill Winery
Address: 4565 State Route 414
Romulus, New York, 14541
Phone: 607-403-0029
Fax: 607-403-0032
Email: http://swedishhill.com/find-us/contact-us/
URL: https://swedishhill.com/
Checked by: Leah
Double checked by: Tina
Added: almost 8 years ago

Company email (August 2018)
"In our present offering of more than 30 wines, Swedish Hill wines are all vegan, except Blanc de Blanc and Blue Waters Chardonnay." [Marking Doobie Blues as unknown because it's NV and has varied from year to year]

Company email (June 2016)

"We do use a pork-based gelatin product on some wines in some years to round out the finish. We have tried some of the plant-based substitutes but have found them wanting. The wine currently available that have had the material added- and then filtered out- are:

Doobie Blues
Blue Waters Chardonnay
Blue Waters Pinot Noir
Goosewatch Pinot Brut Rose"

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