Kendall-Jackson White Wines is Not Vegan Friendly

by Kendall Jackson Wines
Address: 5007 Fulton Road
Fulton, California, 95439
Phone: 800-769-3649
Checked by: Rick
Double checked by: Amy, Danielle, Jenna, Donnie, Rebekah, Jason, Connor
Added: about 14 years ago
Double Checked: about 3 years ago

Company email (February 2021)

"Our wines cannot be considered vegan as there is potential that it comes into contact with or is fined with egg/fish agents. We do not use those fining methods although during production and bottling we occasionally absorb wines from other sister brands that do. The wine does not test positive to animal protein but our tracking system will occasionally show minute contaminations. Therefore we do not make any claims."

Company email (January 2020)
"Our wines are not considered vegan at this time."

Company email (May 2019)
"None of our white wines come into contact with any animal products, they do not go through that process during winemaking. None of the wines contain or are exposed to any kind of tree nuts or soy."

Company email (March 2019)
"All of our white wines are vegan. We do not have any certified Kosher selections."

Donnie notes (March 2019)
"I contacted reps at Kendall Jackson today. It appears none of their red wines are vegan. The rep stated that all of their white wines are vegan."

Company email (March 2015):
"We do not make a White Zinfandel. We do make a Rose that is totally vegan friendly!"

Company email (February 2014): re: Vintner's Reserve Merlot (2010)
"VR Merlot is suitable for Vegans – all vintages"

Company email (February 2014): re: Vintner's Reserve Pinot Noir (2011) and Vintner's Reserve Zinfandel (2011)
"Our Pinot Noir and Zinfandel are absolutely Vegan suitable. They were not fined using any animal products or derivatives. Please feel free to enjoy!"

Company email (January 2009):
"We do not use egg whites or isinglass to fine any of our white wine. We use egg white on occasion (rarely) to filter red wine. Our winemaker says that when you filter, often you are filtering out flavor as well, and so he doesn't often use this process."

Company email (June 2007):
"Kendall-Jackson may use one of the following as a fining agent in its red wines:
Egg whites
Sturgeon bladder
These fining agents are used to soften tannins from the seeds and grapes prior to bottling. After the agents react with the wine, they are racked away and there should be no residue left in the final product.
The above-listed fining agents are not used in our white wines, as the grapes are pressed immediately upon arrival and there is minimal contact between the juice, seeds and skins."

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