Manayunk Bourbon Yunkin' Pumpkin is Vegan Friendly

by Manayunk Brewery
Address: 4120 Main Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19127
Phone: 215-482-8220
Checked by: Eric G
Double checked by: Michael
Added: about 8 years ago

Company email (May 2016):
"No animal ingredients and no finings. We only produce and package here in Philadelphia."

Company Email (circa 2010):
"We do not use any gelatin or isinglass in our brewery. Those are primarily used as fining agents in unfiltered beer. We filter all our beers using perlite. As for other ingredients, we do have a beer in one of our fermenters that we're referring to as a honey IPA. Obviously this beer contains honey, but the rest of our beers contain only 4 ingredients: water, malt, hops, and yeast. We will certainly let it be known if we make a beer using anything other than those 4 ingredients."

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