1914 Honour & Valour is Vegan Friendly

by Diamond Estates Wine & Spirits Limited
Address: 1067 Niagara Stone Road
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, L0S 1J0
Phone: (905) 685-5673
Fax: (905) 685-5762
Email: TheWinery@diamondwines.com
URL: http://www.diamondestates.ca/
Checked by: Christine
Double checked by: Christina, Zsanett
Added: about 8 years ago

Company email (December 2018)
" I am happy to share with you that we do not use any animal products when processing or filtering [FRESH] wines."

Company email (April 2016):
"All of our wines are vegan friendly and all bottling takes place at our Production facility in Niagara on the Lake."

[Note: we followed up regarding 20 Bees specifically but received the same answer]

Company email re: 20 Bees (April 2013):
"This is a statement from our winemakers, “we do not use OX BLOOD, or ISINGLASS (Fish Eggs), or EGG WHITES during our winemaking process for any of our wines. However, we do have some gelatin fining agents that are animal derived and are only used on WHITE WINES and ICEWINES. Jason, Scott and myself are minimalists in our winemaking practices and do believe that the least amount of what is needed to be done to a wine the better, and that is how we operate within the cellars.

Long Story short – only our RED WINES would be considered VEGAN acceptable, and this goes for any of our brands.”

As for production in the rest of the world, I do not believe so."

Company email (2009) re: Lakeview Cellars
"All our wines are vegan- friendly."

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