Weinstock Wines (2013+) is Vegan Friendly

by Herzog Wine Cellars
Address: 3201 Camino Del Sol
Oxnard, CA, 93030-8915
Phone: (805) 983-1560
Email: info@herzogwinecellars.com
URL: http://www.herzogwinecellars.com/
Checked by: Jacqueline
Double checked by: Linda
Added: about 6 years ago

Linda notes (April 2016)

"I called Baron Herzog yesterday 4/8/16 and was told that all wines they make are vegan friendly, both red and white and that they use no animal products for fining at this time. This includes the Baron Herzog and Jeunesse varieties. They say that they have not used any animal products for fining "at least" since the 2013 vintage so everything currently on store shelves is vegan friendly."

Note from Jacqueline:
"I spoke to one of the winemakers at Herzog Winery and they said all of the whites are vegan, but they use albumin in the production of some of the reds. If people want to inquire about specific reds, they can call: (805) 983-1560."

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