Ricard Pastis de Marseille is Vegan Friendly

by Pernod Ricard
Address: 12, place des Etats-Unis
Paris, Cedex-16, 75783
Phone: +33 (0) 1 41 00 41 00
URL: http://www.pernod-ricard.com/
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Barnivore note: Pernod Ricard is no longer a major funder of bullfighting: https://www.drinks-insight-network.com/news/pernod-ricard-bullfighting-clubs/

Company email (November 2016) re: Ouzo
"Our Ouzo brands mentioned above don’t contain any animal ingredients (such as milk, eggs, honey, etc) and we don’t use any animal products in all of our processes (as filtration etc) We’re producing the above brands only in our premises."

Company email re: Aberlour whiskies (May 2016)
"We can confirm that none of our whiskies, including The Aberlour range, contain any animal materials and there for our whiskies are suitable for vegan consumers.

"Some of the casks we use have previously contained sherry and we have confirmation from all our suppliers that no animal products have been used within the casks supplied to us. Please note that fining agents may be used in the sherry process but at a later stage, which does not involve the casks.

"However, there may be finings used in the operations of small wine companies who may carry out fermentation within the cask and bottle from the cask. We do not use any of these types of cask within our whisky operations."

Company email re: Ricard (March 2016)
"nous vous confirmons que Ricard ne contient aucun ingrédient ni auxiliaire de fabrication d'origine animale." [Translation: we're all good on Ricard and veganism]

Company email:
"In the production of our Chivas product there is no milk, eggs, honey, used and there are no animal products used in the processing/filtration of the product (such as isinglass, gelatin)."
Pernod Ricard USA- chivasregal@qualitycustomercare.com

Company email:
"The only ingredients allowed in The Glenlivet are malted barley, spring water, yeast and on occasion spirt caramel(E150a) which is a wheat bases product. With regard to filtration it is done through cellulose filter pads. There are no other outside products involved in the production of our whiskies." - Ian.Logan@chivas.com>

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