Peter Lehmann Red Wine (unless stated on the label) is Not Vegan Friendly

by Peter Lehmann Wines
Address: Off Para Road
Tanunda, South Australia, 5352
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Company email (February 2018)
"All of Peter Lehmann wines released vintage 2014 onwards are not suitable for vegans, unless stated on the bottleā€™s back label"

Company email (April 2015):
"We traditionally do not use any animal products in the fining of our red wines, however in recent months due to the unprecedented sales of some of our wines, we have had to source wine and juice from some suppliers that have used milk products as a fining agent, whereas we traditionally do not use milk products for fining our Peter Lehmann red wines.

We have been completely accurate in labelling the different batches of our wine and have declared when the milk product additive has been used in certain batches, but we have continued to label the batches that did not have the milk product added as a fining agent as 'Vegan Friendly'.

The milk product is used in very small quantities for fining and due to the way the proteins bind in the wine and the subsequent filtration process all trace amounts should be removed, however we still believe it is appropriate to declare whenever any additives that have the potential to be an allergen or impact on the philosophical choice of consumers for veganism have been used in the processing of the wine.

The good news is that from the 2014 vintage onwards the Vegan friendly declaration will once again appear on all of our Peter Lehmann red wines."

Company email (February 2014):
"Yes the ports are vegan and we already use cross flow filtration on all our wines."
Q: "Does that mean your white wines are now suitable for vegans too or do you still use lactic casein in addition to the filtration?"
A: "Correct casein is still added prior to filtration."

Company email (May 2013):
"All of our wines are made here at the winery in the Barossa Valley. Our red wines are not fined and contain no animal products but our white wines are fined with casein which is a milk derivative so therefore our red wines are fine for vegans and our white wines are fine for vegetarians."

Company email (February 2010):
"All Peter Lehmann red wines are suitable for vegans as we do not use fining agents. However, none of our white wines are suitable as these are fined with lactic casein which is a milk derivative."

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