FUR Ale is Vegan Friendly

by Fur Bryghus
Address: Knudevej 3
DK-7884 Fur
Phone: 9759 3060
Email: info@furbryghus.dk
URL: http://www.furbryghus.dk/
Checked by: Bjørn
Double checked by: Lars
Added: over 8 years ago
Double Checked: almost 2 years ago

Lars' email (July 2022)
"We talked about none of your beers containing animal substances or being filtered with animal substances.
Thus, I can confirm that they are vegan.

However, there were two private batch beers which were sold to a company where the beer was named Oyster. But that it is clear here with this beer that oysters are used in the production. You also said that your tools were thoroughly cleaned after the production of this one, and that therefore no traces of oysters can be found in your usual products."

Company email (July 2022)
"Tak for din mail, og din interesse for øl fra Fur Bryghus. Du er velkommen til at ringe på tlf. nr.: 20 68 32 82, for at få svar på dine spørgsmål."

Company email (February 2016)
"Øl fra Fur Bryghus indeholder ikke animalske produkter."
[Translation: "Beer from Fur Bryghus do not contain animal products."]

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