Mario Giacondi Wines (2015 onwards) is Vegan Friendly

by MGM Mondo Del Vino
Checked by: Simon
Double checked by: Christopher, Jason, Chad
Added: over 5 years ago
Double Checked: almost 5 years ago

Company email (December 2016)
"What I can say about our REDS wines (except BIO) is that we use gelatin from animal origins. For all the WHITES we don’t use any animal extracts, and they can be drunk by vegans."

Company email (January 2016):
"Ho il piacere di confermarle che nei nostri prodotti a marchio Mario Giacondi non viene utilizzato alcun tipo di ingrediente di derivazione animale. Sono quindi prodotti adatti al consumo vegano/vegetariano."

[Google Translation: "I am pleased to confirm that in our brand products Mario Giacondi not used any kind of animal-derived ingredient. Hence they are fit for consumption vegan / vegetarian"]

Company email (August 2015):
"we confirm that for our Giacondi wines we do not use any animal products or similar, just vegetal components."

Company email (March 2013):
"We received your e-mail about info on Nero d’Avola Giacondi. I can say that we use egg albumin and anything else referred to animals ingredients.

Our product is fully manufactured in Italy: the wine comes from Sicily and it is bottles in Piedmont where we have our main cellar.
Also, all the raw materials (labels/closure/carton……) are from Italy."

"We use only EGG ALBUMIN."

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