Frog Beer Scotch Ale is Not Vegan Friendly

by FrogPubs
Address: The Frog & Rosbif, 116 rue St. Denis
Paris, 75002
Phone: +33 1 42 36 34 73
Checked by: Simon
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Added: over 6 years ago

Company email (January 2016)

"Our two wheat beers, Maison Blanche and Ker-Splat! are entirely vegan. They don't use Isinglass, or indeed any other animal derived product in their making. We have another wheat beer coming up later in 2016, so watch out for that! It'll be vegan-friendly too.

"I'm sorry, but all our other beers do use isinglass. Guinness may be able to afford to use other systems, which may well be very efficient after the startup cost has paid for itself, but you have to remember that the majority of our brewing happens in pubs - we just don't have the space to install a filter or any such hardware, which means really that finings are our only choice.

"The good news, for what it's worth, is that isinglass is the only vegan-unfriendly product that we use in our beers, so when the day comes that an alternative is viable, all of our beers will be available to be enjoyed by vegans."

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