General Lafayette The Olde Curmudgeon is Vegan Friendly

by General Lafayette Inn & Brewery
Address: 646 Germantown Pike
Lafayette Hill, PA, 19444
Phone: 610-941-0600
Checked by: Kevin M
Double checked by: AngelA, Eric
Added: over 14 years ago

Company Email: March 2010
"I was wondering if your brewery uses gelatin or isinglass in the clarification process at your brewery? Also do any beers include dairy, egg whites, honey or any other animal product throughout the brewing process? ---> Nope. Fully vegan...
I assume the Mead has honey in it also correct? --->Yep. 270 lbs per 200 gallons"

Company Email: January 2010
"It's all good except the Mead Ale (50% honey). No honey in the barleywine and no finings in any of the cask beers. We're getting them to drop brite just fine without it."

Company Email:
"no finings."

From Kevin:
"The pacific pale ale (both cask and regular) *does* get fined, so that's not vegan. Also, the 275th anniversary barleywine has honey in it."

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