Firestone Walker DBA (Double Barrel Ale) is Vegan Friendly

by Firestone Walker Fine Ales
Address: 1400 Ramada Drive
Paso Robles, California, 93446
Phone: (805) 238-2556
Checked by: Pete
Double checked by: Kevin M, Zach, Jordan, James, Alec, Wia, Bart, Sunil
Added: over 14 years ago
Double Checked: over 1 year ago

Company email (August 2023)
"The only seasonal beer that has lactose in it is our milk stouts."

Company email (February 2023)
"The Mocha Dolce Stout was our winter seasonal, and it did have lactose in it."

Company email (April 2019)
"To answer your question, Luponic Distortion does not have any animal products in it, just hops, malt, yeast and water! ...We do not [animal-based fining agents] in our beers, cheers!"

Company email (February 2017) re: 805
"We do not add any animal ingredients in 805 and consider the beer suitable for vegans."

Company email, August 2011:
Our beers, with the exception of our Honey Blonde, contain no animal products as either an ingredient or in the brewing process.

Company Email: January 2011
"Nectar Ales do not contain any animal product. Purely vegan."

Company Email: March 2009
"I have spoken to our lab and brewers. Our beers do not contain animal products of any kind. We do make one beer, our Honey Blonde, which is a contract beer and contains honey. That is it, however."

Company Email:
"Our beer doesn't contain any animal products. The only beer we have that this wouldn't apply to is our Honey Blonde which is a private label beer. It contains buckwheat honey. Other than that all our beers are brewed with yeast, water, barley and hops."

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