Biostilla Holler Elderflower is Vegan Friendly

by Gutsbrennerei Alfons Walcher K.G.
Address: Pillhofstrasse 99 Italy
, 39057Frangart / Frangarto (BZ), South Tyrol
Phone: +39 0471 631 145
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Added: almost 9 years ago

Company email (May 2015):
"The elderflower liqueur and the Limoncello are bottled in our facility in Pillhofstreet 99 - 39057 EPPAN (BZ). The raw materials of the products are baught from other companies. When we work products with allergens (Milk, eggs or nuts) we clean all tanks and machines (pumps) and make sure that there is no residues of the animal products and allergens. We control the cleaness by Luminometer and we register the result of the cleaning operations. Normally there shouldn't be any animal product inside the 2 products. Tomorrow I will check the technical sheets of all raw materials used and then I come back with more detailed information."

Company email (May 2015):
”Biostilla Limoncello is vegan. Biostilla Holler is vegan.”

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