Uleybury 2008 Semillon (Maritimo) is Vegan Friendly

by Uleybury Wines
Address: 719 Uley Road
Uleybury, South Australia, 5114
Phone: (08) 8280 7335
Email: sales@uleybury.com
URL: http://www.uleybury.com/
Checked by: Tracey
Double checked by: Mandy
Added: about 9 years ago

Via Facebook (November 2019)
"Our Sangiovese Rose is definitely vegan friendly as well as our 2008 Uley Chapel Shiraz. Unfortunately, we have had 2 different winemakers producing our wines over the last few years and they each have a different method hence some being vegan and some not."

Company email (March 2015):
"We are pleased to say that our wine is vegan friendly. We do not use any animal products in our processes. The only part of our winemaking process which is done off-site is bottling. We are not aware of any animal products used during this stage. We certainly do not require any animal products to be used by another company on our wines during the bottling process."

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