Gail Mountain Red Wine is Not Vegan Friendly

by Yarden Inc.
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New York, NY, 10001
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Company email (February 2015):
"We do not use any animal products in the production of our white wines.
We do sometimes use very small amounts of egg whites in the fining (clarification) of red wines. That said, it does not remain in the wine (it settles out of the wine). If fact, because it is an allergen, we analyze for it in the laboratory. For wines sold in the European Community, wines containing egg white must state this on the label, because some people are allergic to it. Until now, we have never found traces of egg albumin (egg white) in any of our finished wines. So the bottom line is that we sometimes use small amounts of egg whites (about 1/10 of one part per million or 0.1 milligrams/liter) in our red wines, but the finished wine does not contain any egg white.
As we are sensitive to our customers’ concerns, we are investigating vegetable based fining agents that might be able to replace egg whites in the near future.
All of our wines are gluten free."

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