32/50 Kolsch is Vegan Friendly

by Coast Brewing
Address: 1250 2nd St N
North Charleston, South Carolia, 29405
Email: jaime@coastbrewing.com
URL: http://www.coastbrewing.com/
Checked by: Cody
Double checked by: AngelA
Added: almost 13 years ago

Company email:
"(The chocolate used in our Rye Knot Brown Ale) is chocolate malt (grain) not actual chocolate. If we ever do use a chocolate in our beer it will be listed as such (and the source) on our website. Also, we do not ever add finings (fish bladders) to our cask beers. So they're cloudy but veg friendly (cause honestly its just gross)."

Company email:
"The only beer we actually use any animal product in is the Honey Wheat Pale. We only filter one beer, the 32/50 kolsch, we use DE filtration (diatomaceous earth). The Blackbeerd has no animal products and is not filtered at all. We will never use isinglass but I am not adverse at all to honey. I’m a vegetarian too so those things are important to me as well."

Ingredients listed here: http://coastbrewing.com/beers.php

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