3 Sheeps Rebel Kent The First is Vegan Friendly

by 3 Sheeps Brewing Co.
Address: 1327 Huron Avenue
Sheboygan, Wisconsin, 53081
Phone: (920) 395-3583
Email: http://www.3sheepsbrewing.com/contact/
URL: www.3sheepsbrewing.com
Checked by: Anna
Double checked by: Paul
Added: almost 7 years ago
Double Checked: over 5 years ago

Note from Paul (June 2016):
"James at 3 Sheeps told me that their Cashmere Hammer Nitro Rye Stout is vegan-friendly. While they did explore using isinglass/gelatin in the past, they do not use animal products now. It's bottled in Sheboygan, Wisconsin."

Company email (February 2015):
"Currently, all but one of our beers is vegan friendly. First Kiss, our Double IPA, does include honey from a local honey farm. Other than that, our year round beers and seasonal beers are only composed of malt, hops, water, yeast, coffee, cocoa nibs, and ginger."

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