1836 Wines is Vegan Friendly

by Ste Genevieve Wines
Address: 101 E. Callaghan Street
Fort Stockton, Texas, 79735
Phone: 432-336-9463
Email: info@stegenwines.com
URL: http://stegenwines.com/
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Double checked by: Rachel
Added: over 9 years ago
Double Checked: about 5 years ago

Company email (June 2019)
"We do not have our wine bottled by anyone else. Also, we do not use any animal parts in processing, filtering and finishing the wines.

"We do buy grapes from other vineyards and we are not officially designated as vegan but we meet all the requirements."

Company email (October 2014):
"At our winery we do not use any animal ingredients or any animal products. However, for our Ste Genevieve brand we do buy from other wineries wine to mix with our own and we do not know these wineries processing filtration process in regards to your question.

We produce several wines here from the grapes we grow or grapes we buy and these we are sure do not have any animal products in them.

Here are some brands and where they are sold in Texas that we are certain do not have any animal ingredients or products in them.

Lost Maples - Sold at HEB
5 Point - Sold at Specs
Escondido Valley - Sold at Goody Goody
Big Star - Sold at Brookshire Brothers
Broken Arrow - Sold at Randalls/Tom Thumb
1836 - Sold at Kroger"

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