Alpine Wit is Vegan Friendly

by Joseph James Brewing Co
Address: 155 N Gibson #2
Henderson, NV, 89014
Phone: 702-454-2739
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Added: about 13 years ago

Company Email:
"Tahoe Blue, Alpine Wit, Freakin’ Frog Blueberry, Freakin’ Frog Apple, Red Fox, and HopBox Imperial IPA are Vegan friendly and contain only Water, Barley, Hops, Yeast, and some additional ingredients such as coriander, orange peel, and all natural fruit flavors. The only filtered beer currently for sale is Freakin’ Frog Blueberry Ale. It is filtered through a pressure filtration through paper filter pads. We do not use finings. We are no longer filtering this beer from this point forward and our first batch of unfiltered Freakin’ Frog Blueberry Ale is being released this week.

Our gluten free beer (which has not been released) may contain honey. We are still working on recipe formulation for this beer.

Our Joe’s Root Beer however is not Vegan friendly as it contains honey.

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