32 Nectar is Not Vegan Friendly

by 32 Via dei Birrai
Address: Via cal Lusent 41
31040 Pederobba (Treviso)
Phone: +39 0423 68 19 83
Email: http://www.32viadeibirrai.it/contatti/
URL: http://www.32viadeibirrai.it
Checked by: Mauro
Double checked by: Erika
Added: almost 10 years ago

Company email (September 2014):
"32 beers DON'T contain any animal ingredients and we DON'T use any animal products in the processing/filtration of our beers!

All these beers:
have Vegan certificate!

All our beers are manufactured and bottled in our brewery in Onigo di Pederobba (TV-Italy)and so we personally control the entire brewing process!"

Note from Mauro (November 2013):
"I would like to suggest you "32 Via dei birrai" that recently became the first Italian micro brewery to be certified vegan, as reported on the website http://www.32viadeibirrai.it/en/brewery/"

From the company website (November 2013): [http://www.32viadeibirrai.it/en/brewery/]
"The philosophy of 32 meets the vegan thought.
32 Via dei birrai becomes the first Italian micro brewery CRAFT BEER to be certified vegan.

The logo “vegan ok” will in fact be added to the back label to witness this important step, which recognizes 32 as a true EVOLUTIONARY beer."

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