L'Acadie Vineyards 2010 Sparkling Rosé is Vegan Friendly

by L'Acadie Vineyards
Address: 310 Slayter Road
RR1 Wolfville, Nova Scotia, B4P2R1
Phone: (902) 542-3299
Email: info@lacadievineyards.ca
URL: http://www.lacadievineyards.ca
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Company email (March 2024)
"All of our wines are certified organic since we started in 2008 and vegan since 2011 and certified vegan since 2021. We have been farming veganically since 2017."

Company email (August 2014)
"We are a certified organic winery in Nova Scotia and all of our current wines, except for 2010 Alchemy, are vegan."

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