Possmann Frankfurter Apfelwein (USA) is Vegan Friendly

by Possmann North America, Inc.
Address: 1043 Grand Avenue, # 293
St. Paul, Minnesota, 55105
Phone: 612-819-6899
Fax: 763-647-7151
Email: http://possmann.com/contact.php
URL: http://possmann.com/
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Company email (April 2014):
"We are both gluten free and vegan. We filter the juice used to create Pure Cider with a centrifuge so it’s really not filtered. We spin out the solids."
Q: "I wanted to also confirm if you used honey in your recipes? It didn't look like it so I wanted to confirm; I can't imagine milk or other animal products would be an issue."
A: "No, no honey either."

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