Brains Craft Beer is Not Vegan Friendly

by SA Brain & Co Ltd
Address: The Cardiff Brewery
Crawshay Street, Cardiff, CF10 1SP
Phone: +44 (0) 29 2040 2060
Fax: +44 (0) 29 2040 3344
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Company email (November 2017)
"Unfortunately, our coffee porter is brewed traditionally using isinglass, so would not be suitable for vegans."

Company email (December 2016):
"At the moment our position is that like the vast majority of brewers, our beers are produced by traditional methods which includes the use of isinglass finings to clarify the beer. However, this position is not set in stone and should we find an alternative that produces beer of an equally-high standard in the future we would consider changing from isinglass. At the moment we do not believe there is a synthetic alternative of the same standard available."

Company email (March 2014): (
"Barry Island IPA does use isinglass finings in its production as per other Brains beers
Any beer containing any other ingredients such as Lactose Sugars, Honey etc will be labelled as such
All our beers are brewed here in Cardiff"

Company email (June 2013):
"All our beers are produced in the traditional manner using isinglass finings so are not suitable for vegetarians."

Company email (July 2011):
"We produce and pack all our products ourselves and whilst none of them contain animal products we use isinglas finings, (a fish derivative) as part of the production process for all products."

Company email: March 2010
"Unfortunately although none of our products contain any animal ingredients as part of the production process for all we use isinglass finings a fish derivative."

Company email: May 2010
"Unfortunately although none of our products contain any animal products they all produced in a process which uses isinglass, which contains a fish derivative."

Company email: April 2010
"Our beers do not contain any animal products, however we do use isinglass, a fish derivative, in the production of all."

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