Bress 2012 Harcourt Valley Le Grand Coq Noir Shiraz is Vegan Friendly

by Bress
Address: 3894 Harmony Way (Old Calder Highway)
Harcourt, Victoria, 3453
Phone: +61 3 5474 2262
Fax: +61 3 5474 2553
Checked by: Katherine
Double checked by: Shana
Added: over 10 years ago

Company email (February 2017):
"All of our wines are in fact vegan-friendly as we do not use any fining agents (which is where an animal product can sometimes be incorporated)."

Company email (February 2014):
"Our ciders are vegan friendly (both Bress and Harcourt Ciders) most of our reds are unfiltered with no fining. We currently have 2 reds that are fined - Our Silver Pinot Noir and our La Gallina which was due to fruit from another property not grown on ours. All the rest of our wines are ok."

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