SAAZINESS BOHEMIAN LAGER (keg/bottle) is Vegan Friendly

by Loch Ness Brewery
Address: Dalfaber Industrial Estate, Aviemore
Cairngorms National Park, PH22 1ST
Phone: +44 (0) 1479 812222
Email: sam@cairngormbrewery.coms
Checked by: Russell
Double checked by: Richard
Added: over 10 years ago
Double Checked: 11 months ago

Company email (July 2023)
"In 2016 Cairngorm Brewery took bought the assets of Loch Ness Brewery following its liquidation and therefore I have attached up to date details of the beers that are still available in the range which are now vegan friendly, apart from Darkness that contains Lactose. The kegged products, similar to Cairngorm, are vegan friendly apart from Darkness but the cask products are not suitable for vegans."

Richard notes (July 2020) that DarkNess contains lactose. We've reached out to the company for an update, moving previously vegan drinks to unknown in the meantime.

Company email (December 2013):

"Our bottle conditoned beer (when we get round to it again) mirrors our cask beers, so only the darkNESS (or indeed any other stouts such as Prince of DarkNESS 10%) will be isinglas free."

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