VK Ice Storm is Vegan Friendly

by Global Brands
Address: 5th Floor CASA, Lockoford Lane
Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S41 7JB
Phone: +44 (0)1246 216 000
Email: info@globalbrands.co.uk
URL: http://www.globalbrands.co.uk/
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Company email (July 2020) re Hooper's products:

"All our products are Vegan Friendly , I have requested this to be made clearer on our website."

Company email (May 2018)
"We don't currently use gelatine in any of the VK drinks, so they're safe for vegetarians and vegans"

Company email (January 2018) re Hooper's Plum & Sloe
"I can confirm that Hoopers Plum & Sloe is suitable for those following a vegan diet."

Company email (August 2016) specifically asking about the taurine in VK Blue:
"I can tell you that VK Blue is certainly suitable for Vegans."

Company email (February 2015): re: Amigos Beer
"Thank you your email regarding the vegan status of our Amigos Tequila Flavoured Beer.
I am please to confirm that this product is suitable for vegans as no animal products are used in the ingredients or processing method."

Company email (January 2014):
[Editor's note: We received this same email response from a number of people. See below. Thanks, everyone!]
"Sorry it has taken some time to get back to you on this but we have recently updated some of the VK flavours and I was waiting for this information to come back so I could send it to you all at once.

I can confirm that the following products are vegan friendly:

Kick Energy
Hoopers – Ginger Brew, Dandelion + Burdock, Cloudy Lemonade
Corky’s Sour apple, Sour Cherry, Sour Cola Cube, Blueberry, Fiery Ginger, Mango Glitter
Hooch – Lemon, Orange, Blackcurrant
VK – Tropical, Blue, Apple + Mango, Orange + Passion Fruit, Ice storm

Unfortunately the following products are not vegan friendly:

Corky’s Strawberries + Cream – (Cream)
Corky’s White Chocolate (Cream)
Thornton’s Chocolate Liqueur (Cream)
VK Black Cherry (Gelatine)
VK Strawberry + Lime (Gelatine)"

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