Upper Bench Rosé 2011 is Vegan Friendly

by Upper Bench Winery
Address: 170 Upper Bench Road South
Penticton, BC, V2A 8T1
Phone: +1 250 770 1733
Email: info@upperbench.ca
URL: www.upperbench.ca
Checked by: Chelsea
Double checked by: Christine
Added: over 9 years ago

Company email (July 2014):
"Whenever possible we do not fine our wines with animal products, however this year I had to fine the Merlot and Zweigelt with a very small amount of egg white.

All of our other wines are animal product free at this time."

Company email (January 2014):
"There is only one wine I have fined with egg whites, and that was the 2010 Merlot which has been sold out now for over a year, in this instance we purchased the wine bulk rather than growing the grapes

I have never used milk, gelatine or isinglass in any wine.

My wine making philosophy is less is more, if we grow great grapes to the best of our ability we should have no reason to fine with animal/fish or any other product.

So a simpler answer would be: All of our wines available at present are free from any animal products and I would hope they would stay that way. If however we did have a situation where we needed to fine a wine with egg whites etc to make them economically viable I do reserve the right to do so."

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