Brazin Wine is Not Vegan Friendly

by DFV Wines
Address: 12001 South Highway 99
Manteca, CA, 95336
Phone: (888) 559-4637
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Company email (April 2023) re Bota Box
"Our winemakers use a variety of tools available to them when crafting our wines. While we do not use egg protein in the production of ALL of our wines, occasionally it is used in some wines to soften them. So, for that reason, we cannot guarantee that our wines are free from residual egg protein or that they haven’t come into contact with egg products during the winemaking process. "

Company email (August 2019) re Bota Box:
"We can’t make any guarantees that our wines are vegan as they may be treated with fining agents or they may come into contact with non-vegan based products at any time during their life cycle."

Company email (December 2016):
"Our winemakers use a variety of tools available to them when crafting our wines. We don't make any claims that our wines are gluten free, dairy free, vegan or vegetarian because our wines may have been treated with fining agents such as gelatin, casein, and fish products."

Company email (May 2014) re: La Merika Wines:
"The short answer is “no” we do not make the statement that our wines are vegan or vegetarian friendly. Since there may be slight differences/variations from vintage to vintage our winemakers need to have access to tools to help make the wines as consistent as possible. Some of these tools can make the wine non-vegetarian or non-vegan. In order to maintain as much flexibility as possible, we do not make claims that our wines are Vegan or Vegetarian friendly."

Company email (November 2013):
"Unfortunately we cannot make the statement that any of the wines we produce is vegan or vegetarian-friendly. Each vintage is different and our winemakers need to use the tools necessary to make our wines as consistent as possible. We do import some wines as well, which would be another reason we could not guarantee a vegan or vegetarian status."

Company email (November 2011): re: Gnarley Head Wines
"We haven’t made the move to vegan status at this point, but we respect what you’re doing to help consumers who prefer to follow a vegan diet and we don’t want to mislead anyone or confuse them."

Company email (2011): re: Bubo Wines
"We prefer to have our wines listed as not vegan friendly. Normally we don’t use animal-derived products in our wines, but depending on the characteristics of a particular blend, we may choose to use a fining agent or some other processing aid including egg whites, gelatin or isinglass."

Company email (January 2010): re: Delicato Wines
"We also produce Delicato wines. The information about the Delicato wines on Barnivore is correct at this time, but please change the listing to read not vegan friendly. We may decide to add additional varietals to the Delicato line as well, so we would like to have these wines listed as non vegan-friendly as well. -Quality Control Manager DFV Wines"

Company email (January 2010):
"Bota Box wines are not always vegan-friendly. Quality Control Manager DFV Wines"

Company email (January 2010): re: Bota Box Wines
"Generally speaking, we don't use animal-derived products in the wines, but unfortunately, I can't make the statement that there will never be an animal-derived product used. As our winemakers make decisions about everything from harvesting the grapes to which corks to use in bottling, there are occasionally times when they feel that a wine needs some additional fining to remove excess color, solids, etc. At that point, they might use something like egg whites or gelatin to improve the quality of the blend. As a consumer, there is really no way for you to tell which blends we might have used these products in. Quality Control Manager DFV Wines"

Company email (January 2010): re: Gnarley Head Wines
"We also produce Gnarly Head wines which are listed on as 'vegan-friendly, except for Chardonnay'. That statement was true at the time it was given to a consumer. Since that time, we have produced a Pinot Grigio under the Gnarly Head label and we are about to roll out a Viognier. Neither of these wines will always be vegan-friendly. Therefore the statement 'vegan-friendly except for Chardonnay', is no longer appropriate. Just to be safe, we prefer that all Gnarly Head wines be listed on as non vegan-friendly to ensure that consumers are not misled. - Quality Control Manager DFV Wines"

Company email (2010):
Following is a short list of red wines that do not use animal by-products in the fining process:
Gnarly Head Old Vine Zinfandel
Delicato Merlot
Delicato Cabernet Sauvignon
Delicato Shiraz

Company email (July 2009): re: Bota Box Wines
"Yes, our wines use no animal products or by-products in their production. -Brand Manager"

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