Cowaramup Lightsign Summer Ale is Vegan Friendly

by Cowaramup Brewing Company
Address: North Treeton Road
Cowaramup, WA
Checked by: Dell
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Added: almost 10 years ago

Company email (November 2013):
"In all of our beers, excluding Hefeweizen, we use a product called Whirlfloc T and after further research have found that Whirlfloc T is a carrageenan-based technology using an enhanced blend of Irish Moss and
purified carrageenan."

Q: "I understand that Whirlfloc T is vegan (carrageenan and Irish Moss are both plant-based). If this is the only additive in the filtering process then this would in fact mean that all the Cowaramup brews are vegan. Do give me a shout if there are additional clearing substances used, but otherwise it would seem that Cowaramup brews are vegan-friendly."
A: "That is the case so all six beers can be enjoyed by the Vegan Community!!"

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