Fullers HSB (cask) is Not Vegan Friendly

by Fuller's Griffin Brewery
Address: Chiswick Lane South
London, W4 2QB
Phone: +44 (0)20 8996 2000
Fax: +44 (0)20 8995 0230
Email: fullers@fullers.co.uk
URL: http://fullers.co.uk
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Company email (May 2018)
"I am pleased to confirm that, Fuller’s Frontier keg beer is vegan friendly. However, Oliver’s Island is available in our pubs in firkins. None of Fuller’s cask products are vegan due to the adding of Isinglass Finings which includes Oliver’s Island. All of Fuller’s bright bottle and keg beers are vegan with the exception of Honey Dew."

Company email (August 2015):

"I can confirm that Oliver’s Island is indeed a Vegan friendly Beer."

Company email (July 2014):
"I can confirm that Frontier is suitable for Vegans/Vegetarians."

Company email (October 2013):
"All of our cask beer use isinglass finings to speed up the process of dropping bright in the cellar.
As the name suggests, Organic Honey Dew contains honey.
Finally, our beers are only brewed and processed on the site here at Chiswick. The only exception being that we do not have a canning plant so we do send bright processed beer off-site in a road tanker to be contract packaged elsewhere."

Company Email: April 2010
"At Fullers we use Piscine derived Isinglass finings in our Cask beers ( these are typically served from hand pulls or by gravity dispense) these traditional beers are unfiltered and not pasteurised and have a natural level of active brewing yeast present.

Our chilled and filtered beers supplied in bottle, can, or keg are not fined and are suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians alike apart from Organic Honeydew which has Organic honey in it's brewing materials which would exclude it from being suitable for Vegans."

Company Email: March 2010
"The Gales range of beers are now produced at our brewery in Chiswick alongside our Fullersbeers. We still use the Gales yeast and follow the Gale's recipes.

We use Isinglass finings (piscine derived) on our traditional cask ales these are unfiltered and non pasteurised and have a residual level of yeast present which is flocculated and sedimented to the bottom of the cask with the aid of the Isinglass finings. This style of beer will be served from either a hand pump or direct from the cask and is not considered as suitable for Vegans or strict Vegetarians.

Our bottled ,canned and keg beers are brewery conditioned and then filtered with inorganic filter aids. We do not use Isinglass or any other animal derived products in either the production or processing of these beers and are normally considered suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians. The only exception to this is our Organic Honeydew beer which has Organic honey as part of it's ingredients and is accepted by most Vegetarians but not by Vegans.

I hope that the above enables you to enjoy both the Gales and the Fullers range of beers in either their bottled, canned or keg format."

"In response to your questions, not all Fuller's beers are suitable for vegans.
Fuller's cask ales contain the fish product 'isinglass' finings for settling the beer, thus making them not suitable. However our bottled beers do not use these finings so would be suitable. Organic Honey Dew on the other hand does contain honey, which to some would not be suitable for vegans."

Company Email: 2006
All bottled beers are OK, except for the Organic Honey Dew

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