303 Vodka is Vegan Friendly

by Boulder Distillery & Clear Spirit Company Inc.
Address: 2500 47th St. Unit 10
Boulder, CO, 80301
Phone: 303.442.1244
Fax: 303.781.0969
Email: info@303vodka.com
URL: http://303vodka.com/boulderdistillery/
Checked by: Hana
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Added: almost 11 years ago

Company email (September 2013):
"We are completely Vegan on all aspects and we do not manufacture or bottle anywhere else in the world."

Company email (September 2013):
"This might help describe our products:


303… three ingredients…potatoes, water, yeast

303… zero additives, preservatives, gluten

303…three steps, fermentation, distillation, and filtration

side note…filtration is done only through coconut carbon, no animals were hurt other than the humans that built it"

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