Crispin Honey Crisp is Not Vegan Friendly

by Fox Barrel Cider Company/Crispin Cider
Address: 1213 S Auburn St
Colfax, CA, 95713
Phone: (530) 346-9699
Checked by: Company contacted us!, Jason
Double checked by: Sage, Cassie
Added: over 9 years ago

Company email (August 2013):
"Our ciders vary from what they are sweetened with, some of them do contain honey. Of course it will always say on the label if it does. There is never any gelatin or isinglass used (or any other animal products).

We only produce one cider off-site from our regular cidery and that is the imported English Perry. To my knowledge there are no animal products used in their processes either."

Note from Sage:
"The Crispin Ciders are listed as Vegan Friendly with only the Honey Crisp as not vegan, however the Lansdowne Crispin Cider also contains honey. It is listed on the bottle and the web site. It is one of the three Artisanal Reserve Ciders they make. The other two being the Honey Crisp which is obviously not vegan and the Saint which is yummy "

Email from company:
"Fox Barrel added to the list as well, we use the exact same filtration with Fox Barrel as with Crispin Cider"

Email from company:
"Honey Crisp is the only one with honey, the rest are sweetened with apple juice, we are currently the only cider company that does not use apple concentrate for this. We do filter the 3 brands - Original, brut and light, the rest are unfiltered. We do not use any animal products. We use cross-flow filtration and we do not fine - with egg whites.
We do not use apple concentrate to make our apple-wine
We do use apple juice concentrate to sweeten - Brut, Original & Light are all smoothed with apple juice concentrate, but not with sugar. The Saint is smoothed with organic maple syrup"

Company website:
"Crispin ciders are all Gluten Free for the wheat-intolerant person."

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