Desert Rose Starboard - Port styled - 2010 is Not Vegan Friendly

by Desert Rose Winery
Address: 13726 Hume Rd
Hume, VA, 22639
Phone: (540) 635-3200
Checked by: Leslie
Double checked by: Susan
Added: over 8 years ago
Double Checked: over 6 years ago

Company email (March 2015):
"I'm not sure where that info originated from as we can not
guarantee that all are. Some segments of wine making - such as items used
to clarify the product, yeasts etc - do not fall in the vegan category. I
would be very surprised if many VA wineries can make that guarantee but
would be interested in knowing who they are as we always want to improve our
customer service. Thanks for asking and I'm sorry that I cannot confirm in
the positive."

Company email (August 2013):
"all our wines are done here on site and none contain any animal by-products of any kind."

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