Maisel's Weisse Kristall is Vegan Friendly

by Maisel Brauerei KG
Address: Hindenburg Strasse 9 D-95445
Phone: +49 921 401-0
Fax: +49 921 401-206
Checked by: Volker
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Added: almost 11 years ago

Company email (August 2013)
"Unser Bier, gebraut nach dem bayerischen Reinheitsgebot, beinhaltet weder tierische Zutaten noch werden beim Herstellungsprozess tierische Produkte als Hilfsstoffe benutzt.
Leider muss ich Ihnen aber mitteilen, dass auch in unserer Brauerei ausschlie├člich Etikettenkleber auf Kaseinbasis eingesetzt werden."

[Google translation] "Our Beer, brewed according to the Bavarian Purity Law, does not include animal ingredients or animal products are used as adjuvants in the production process.
I regret to inform that only casein label adhesive used on you but also in our brewery."

Note from Volker (August 2013):
"thank you for your great resource to find vegan friendly beer and wine!. I sent a request to the Maisel brewery in Germany because one of my favorite beers is Maisel's Weisse. You have an entry about this beer from a Brewery in UK, but this one here is the original brewery from Germany.

They reply that they brew according to the German brewery regulations (Reinheitsgebot) and do not use any animal products in the production of their beer. BUT they use a casein based glue to put the label onto the bottles. I replied to them, thanking for their reply and voicing my concern about the casein based glue.

I also asked them if they use the same glue when putting labels onto their barrels. I usually get the beer from tap. I will forward their reply (if any)."

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