D.H. Lescombes Port is Not Vegan Friendly

by Southwest Wines
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Checked by: Jason
Double checked by: Patty, Jude, Christina
Added: almost 10 years ago

Company email (July 2018) re: St. Clair
"...we do use a very small percentage of gelatin in our white wines, but our red wines are 100% vegan."

Company email (April 2018)
"I have checked in with our production team and they have assured me that there are NO animal products included in the production of our Hatch Chile Wines, red or green."

Company email (September 2017) re Soleil Mimosa:
"Unfortunately, Soleil Mimosa is NOT vegan friendly. Some of the agents that you describe are used in the wine making production."

Company email (July 2013):
"After confirming and further clarifying with the winemakers, they said to be absolutely safe, stick with any of the D.H. Lescombes branded red wines and any of the St. Clair red wines that are labeled as New Mexico appellation (Reserve Merlot, Reserve Zinfandel). Since sometimes we blend other wines from other producers, we don’t want to say 100% for sure when it may have a slight bit of wine in it that we aren’t 100% sure on. So, any of the DH Lescombes red wines (excluding Port) are without any animal ingredients, as well as any of the St. Clair red wines (excluding Port) labeled as New Mexico."

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