Vignoble Barron is Vegan Friendly

by The Organic Wine Connection
Address: Alberta
Phone: 403-932-0792
Fax: 403-932-0792
Checked by: Robin
Double checked by:
Added: about 15 years ago

Company Email:

" I need to double check on Eco Frog Malbec but the Lucky bug or vegan and so is Eco Frog Cabernet. I do have many more vegan wines in my portfolio…check my web site below (all the wines from Vignoble Barron, Meyer, Achard-Vincent,D’Heilly Huberdeau, Guy Chaumont and Lefevre are vegan). Meanwhile I will send an email to the winery re Eco Frog Malbec but I’m pretty sure it’s vegan too."

This company is an"Importer of Certified Organic and Biodynamic Wines from France and Canada"
See Retailer Directory PDF on website for places in Western Canada to buy.

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