Pizzolato Spumante Frederik Organic is Vegan Friendly

by La Cantina Pizzolato
Address: La Cantina Pizzolato, 31050 VILLORBA (TREVISO)
Piave, Veneto
Phone: +390422928166
Fax: +390422629343
Email: info@lacantinapizzolato.com
URL: http://www.lacantinapizzolato.com/
Checked by: Lisa
Double checked by: Robin
Added: over 9 years ago

Note from Lisa from Natural Merchants (May 2013):
"La Cantina Pizzolato, is now Certified Vegan by the Vegan Society of the UK."

Note from Robin (March 2013):
"I was at the store checking barnivore (as I typically do in the wine aisle), and this wine isn't in your directory yet. Can you please add it?

http://buyingguide.winemag.com/catalog/pizzolato-2009-terra-summa-merlot-piave... Made with organic grapes, this easygoing Merlot is designed for health-conscious vegans and vegetarians."

Note from Lisa (August 2012):
"I work with organic wine importer Natural Merchants and I wanted to share with you a list of our vegan friendly wine. We have double checked with all of the winery partners listed below and none of them use any animal byproducts in production. Only indigenous yeasts are used, and bentonite and other minerals are used in any necessary fining process. All of the wines are made with USDA certified organically grown grapes, and some are No Sulfites Added wines (NSA) which are certified organic and carry the USDA seal.

Winery-La Cantina Pizzolato-Italy http://www.naturalmerchants.com/la-cantine-pizzolato.html

MOSCATO IGT http://www.naturalmerchants.com/pizzolato-Moscato-IGT.html
CHIANTI - DOCG http://www.naturalmerchants.com/pizzolato-Chianti.html
PIZZOLATO FIELDS PROSECCO http://www.naturalmerchants.com/pizzolato-Fields-Prosecco.html
PIZZOLATO NSA ITALIAN CABERNET - ORGANIC http://www.naturalmerchants.com/pizzolato-NSA-Cabernet.html
PIZZOLATO NSA ITALIAN MERLOT- ORGANIC http://www.naturalmerchants.com/pizzolato-NSA-Merlot.html
PIZZOLATO NSA ITALIAN CABERNET/MERLOT BLEND ROSSO CONVENTO - ORGANIC http://www.naturalmerchants.com/pizzolato-NSA-Rosso.html
PINOT GRIGIO VENEZIA DOC http://www.naturalmerchants.com/pizzolato-Pinot-Grigio.htm
MERLOT VENEZIA DOC http://www.naturalmerchants.com/pizzolato-Merlot.html
CABERNET VENEZIA DOC http://www.naturalmerchants.com/pizzolato-Cabernet.html
SPUMANTE STEFANY ORGANIC http://www.naturalmerchants.com/pizzolato-stefany.htm
SPUMANTE FREDERIK ORGANIC http://www.naturalmerchants.com/pizzolato-Frederik.html"

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