Tarantas Sangria is Vegan Friendly

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Checked by: Lisa
Double checked by: Lisa, Company
Added: about 11 years ago

Company email (August 2019)
"[Inkarri] wines are certified vegan by the Vegan Society of the UK"

Company email (October 2017)
"Hi there-we have some new vegan wines to add just in time for world vegan day!

Certified vegan

Cantina Pizzolato Paloma Rose
Cantina Pizzolato Rabosso

Vegan friendly production
Granza Tinta de Toro

New brands!

All Inkarri brand wines from Chakana winery in Argentina:

Inkarri Winemaker’s Reserve Malbec 

Inkarri Cabernet Franc Limited Edition 

Inkarri Cabernet Sauvignon Winemaker’s Reserve 

Inkarri Red Blend Limited Edition 

Inkarri White Blend 

Inkarri Syrah 

Inkarri Bonarda 

Inkarri Malbec 

All Pratello brand wines from Italy:
Pratello Mille 1
Pratello Torrazzo
Pratello Lugana
Pratello Chiaretto"

Company email (November 2016):
[Sent a list of updates, including Fattoria di Romignano, Granza, En Mémoire du Malbec, Le Petit du Château de Lagarde, and Spartico wines.]

Note from Lisa (May 2014): re: domaine Gioulis and Biokult
"Hi There-I have submitted wines in the past as Natural Merchants organic wine importer. We have a new vegan friendly winery from Greece called Domaine Gioulis and I would love to include the wines in your database. I am attaching their list of ingredients that shows they only use bentonite clay as a fining agent and do not include any additional animal-based ingredients. I am also including an information sheet for the wines."
"I also realized that another one of our wineries, Biokult in Austria is not listed. Here is there info as well." [To see a copy of the lists, please email contact@barnivore.com.]

Note from Lisa (August 2012):
"I work with organic wine importer Natural Merchants and I wanted to share with you a list of our vegan friendly wine. We have double checked with all of the winery partners listed below and none of them use any animal byproducts in production. Only indigenous yeasts are used, and bentonite and other minerals are used in any necessary fining process. All of the wines are made with USDA certified organically grown grapes, and some are No Sulfites Added wines (NSA) which are certified organic and carry the USDA seal.

Winery-Bodegas Iranzo-Spain http://www.naturalmerchants.com/iranzowine.htm

SPARTICO – (NSA) NO SULFITES ADDED ORGANIC SPANISH TEMPRANILLO http://www.naturalmerchants.com/iranzo-spartico.htm
VERTVS TEMPRANILLO CRIANZA http://www.naturalmerchants.com/iranzo-tempranillo-crianza.htm
VERTVS Vintage Tempranillo 100% http://www.naturalmerchants.com/vertus-vintage-tempranillo.htm
VERTVS Vintage Cabernet Sauvignon - Tempranillo http://www.naturalmerchants.com/vertus-vintage-cs-t.htm
VERTVS ORGANIC SPANISH BOBAL ROSÉ http://www.naturalmerchants.com/iranzo-spanish-bobal-rose.htm
NIÑA BONITA Spanish Sangria http://www.naturalmerchants.com/iranzo-sangria.htm

Winery-Med Wines by Bodegas Iranzo-Spain http://www.naturalmerchants.com/tarantaswine.htm

Tarantas Sparkling Rosé http://www.naturalmerchants.com/tarantas-sparkling-rose.htm
Tarantas Sparkling White http://www.naturalmerchants.com/tarantas-sparkling-white.htm
TARANTAS – D.O. CAVA http://www.naturalmerchants.com/tarantas-cava.htm
Tarantas Tempranillo http://www.naturalmerchants.com/tarantas-tinto.htm
TARANTAS SPANISH BOBAL ROSÉ http://www.naturalmerchants.com/tarantas-rose.htm
TARANTAS Sangria http://www.naturalmerchants.com/tarantas-sangria.htm

Winery-La Cantina Pizzolato-Italy http://www.naturalmerchants.com/la-cantine-pizzolato.html

MOSCATO IGT http://www.naturalmerchants.com/pizzolato-Moscato-IGT.html
CHIANTI - DOCG http://www.naturalmerchants.com/pizzolato-Chianti.html
PIZZOLATO FIELDS PROSECCO http://www.naturalmerchants.com/pizzolato-Fields-Prosecco.html
PIZZOLATO NSA ITALIAN CABERNET - ORGANIC http://www.naturalmerchants.com/pizzolato-NSA-Cabernet.html
PIZZOLATO NSA ITALIAN MERLOT- ORGANIC http://www.naturalmerchants.com/pizzolato-NSA-Merlot.html
PIZZOLATO NSA ITALIAN CABERNET/MERLOT BLEND ROSSO CONVENTO - ORGANIC http://www.naturalmerchants.com/pizzolato-NSA-Rosso.html
PINOT GRIGIO VENEZIA DOC http://www.naturalmerchants.com/pizzolato-Pinot-Grigio.htm
MERLOT VENEZIA DOC http://www.naturalmerchants.com/pizzolato-Merlot.html
CABERNET VENEZIA DOC http://www.naturalmerchants.com/pizzolato-Cabernet.html
SPUMANTE STEFANY ORGANIC http://www.naturalmerchants.com/pizzolato-stefany.htm
SPUMANTE FREDERIK ORGANIC http://www.naturalmerchants.com/pizzolato-Frederik.html

Winery-Lorenz-Germany http://www.naturalmerchants.com/lorenz.html

SYMPHONY DORNFELDER http://www.naturalmerchants.com/lorenz-dornfleder.html
SYMPHONY RIESLING http://www.naturalmerchants.com/lorenz-riesling.html

Winery-Lagarde-France http://www.naturalmerchants.com/lagarde.htm

LES HAUTS DE LAGARDE - ROUGE http://www.naturalmerchants.com/lagarde-les-hauts-red.htm
LES HAUTS DE LAGARDE - BLANC SEC http://www.naturalmerchants.com/lagarde-les-hauts-white.htm

Winery: Case de Mouraz http://www.naturalmerchants.com/casa-de-mouraz.htm
AIR António Lopes Ribeiro Alentejo http://www.naturalmerchants.com/casa-de-mouraz-air.htm"

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