Astrolabe Durvillea Sauvignon Blanc is Vegan Friendly

by Astrolabe Wines Ltd
Address: 56 Scott Street, PO Box 1152
Blenheim, Marlborough, 7240
New Zealand
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Company email (April 2013):
"Please see the below response from one of our Winemakers: Tim Adams.

In the Astrolabe range the only wine that has had any animal product near it is the Pinot Noir, egg white, but it is sterile filtered( 0.45 micron) so in reality there is no animal left in it.

All the whites are unfined and suitable for vegans, vegetarians, pescitarians(fish only) etc.

Durvillea only the SB and PG are suitable.

Please bear in mind that when the grapes are harvested there is a risk of meat contamination as there are insects and occasionally birds, mice or lizards in the fruit.

Tim Adams | Winemaker | Astrolabe Wines

And to confirm, our wine is only produced in, and with grapes from, Marlborough.

And thus you can conclude:



Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc suitable
Marlborough Pinot Gris suitable
Marlborough Dry Riesling suitable
Marlborough Pinot Noir not suitable
Marlborough Chardonnay suitable
Marlborough Gew├╝rztraminer suitable


Awatere Valley Sauvignon Blanc suitable
Kekerengu Coast Sauvignon Blanc suitable
Kekerengu Coast Pinot Gris suitable
Wairau Valley Riesling suitable


Astrolabe Farm Riesling suitable
The Rocks Pinot Gris suitable
Taihoa Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc suitable
Wrekin Vineyard Chenin Blanc suitable


Durvillea Sauvignon Blanc suitable
Durvillea Pinot Gris suitable
Durvillea Pinot Noir not suitable
Durvillea Chardonnay not suitable

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