Godiva Chocolate Liqueurs is NOT vegan friendly

Address: Godiva Liqueur Co.
Norwalk, Connecticut
Email: godiva@consumer-care.net
URL: https://www.godivaliqueurs.com/
Checked by: Ted
Double checked by: AngelA, Christopher
Added: about 11 years ago
Double Checked: 12 months ago

Products by Godiva Chocolate Liqueurs:

Updated March 2020:

Christopher found a press release from 2014 saying that the Dark Chocolate Liqueur is dairy-free (https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/godiva-introduces-new-dark-chocolate-liqueur-244718901.html), we reached out to see if it's fully vegan.

Their response: "I am able to confirm that Godiva Dark Chocolate Liqueur is dairy free. However, we currently do not test our products to verify that they are Vegan, and therefore, cannot make any claims about its Vegan status. We also are unable to verify if the ingredients used are vegan, as the ingredients of our products are proprietary."

We asked if that meant they can't verify if the ingredients are vegan because you don't know what the ingredients are, or that by telling us if they're vegan or not we'll somehow be able to guess the secret recipe, but have yet to receive a response.

Company Email (circa 2010)
"I did not see Godiva chocolate liqueurs on your list of alcoholic beverages. They are NOT vegan. I just spoke with Dave at Diageo, the company that actually manufactures their liqueurs. He said all the Godiva liqueurs contain dairy. The Original flavor used to be vegan but they changed the recipe about 3 months ago (~Nov 2009) and now it's not.They have 5 flavors you can list as vegetarian only but not vegan: Original, White Chocolate, Mocha, Milk Chocolate and Caramel Milk Chocolate."

Company Email (circa 2010)
"All the Godiva products contain dairy. Public information regarding our company and brands is available on our website: www.diageo.com"