Shmidt Spirits is vegan friendly

Address: 10360 Southard Dr.
Beltsville, Maryland, 20750
Phone: 281-467-6875
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Company email (July 2022)
"1. We do not use any animal derived ingredients in our recipes such as eggs, milk, honey etc. However, after carefully inspecting our enzyme and yeast packages, we realized that they do not make any claims regarding their vegan status (though it turns out our yeast is Kosher). We have an email in with our supplier to gain clarification. We do not use any animal products in processing or filtration either. We strain our alcohol during bottling through cheesecloth.

2. Nope! Every bottle of Shmidt Spirits and Inkwell Whiskey is bottled by hand in Beltsville, MD by Arthur and me. So no need to worry about that. In that same way, if anyone has any questions about our process or ingredients, you can rest assured that Arthur and I either know the answer, or can find it for you rather quickly. "

"According to our suppliers, all of our enzymes are "acceptable for a vegan diet." I have attached their official letter, which details the origin of these enzymes down to the "edible non-pathogenic fungi or bacteria" used to produce them. "