Bénédictine Liqueur is NOT vegan friendly

Address: Palais Bénédictine - 110 rue Alexandre Le Grand
F, BP 192 76400
Phone: (+33) 2 35 10 26 10
URL: http://www.benedictine.fr/anglais/contact_frame.html
Checked by: Rebecca
Double checked by: Steven, AngelA
Added: about 14 years ago

Products by Bénédictine Liqueur:

Email from Rebecca:
"BENEDICTINE is not vegan. We went to the distillery in France last year and it contains honey. Ancient recipe so I can't see them changing it."

Company Email:
"Bénédictine is fully suitable for Vegans ; Nothing ,during all the process, is used coming from animal sources. " (To which we emailed about honey clarification)

Company Email:
"Bénédictine contains honey but among vegans this is still very controversial ; in fact my response was based on Kosher regulations very strict in terms of animal derivatives ;
It is said that honey is not (unlike Gelee Royale ) , bees carry pollen exactly like birds carry seeds , and for birds botanicals often are a production coming from animal regurgitation !"