Smirnoff Vodka and malt beverages is NOT vegan friendly

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Products by Smirnoff Vodka and malt beverages:

Company email (January 2021)

"We currently do not test our products to verify that they are Vegan, and therefore, cannot make any claims about its Vegan status. We also are unable to verify if the ingredients used are vegan, as the ingredients of our products are proprietary."

Company email (January 2017)
"...the Brand just got back to me and informed me that our Charcoal comes from BIRCH wood and not Bone Char."

Company email (November 2016)
"Smirnoff uses a traditional charcoal filtration method developed by it's Russian creator Pyotr Smirnov." [We don't know if the charcoal is made from animal bones at this time]

Company email (November 2016) re: Smirnoff Red
"I can confirm that Smirnoff Red Vodka is suitable for Vegans however as we do not market our products as vegan friendly I'm afraid we do not provide a list of all Vegan friendly products."

Company email (August 2016) re: Smirnoff Raspberry and Pomegranate Cider and Passion and Lime Cider:
"As per our other products, the products have not been certified as vegan or vegetarian. We do not use animal by-product during production, but again we do not certify products as vegan or vegetarian."

Company email (July 2013):
"Regarding your inquiry, Smirnoff Twist of Whipped Cream does not use any animal by-products as ingredients, though it has not been vegan certified.

Unfortunately we do not have this information available regarding Smirnoff Kissed Caramel or Smirnoff Flavored Iced Cake Vodka. However, we would be more than happy to assist you with your inquiry and we have forwarded your question to the appropriate department."

Company email (May 2013):
"I have contacted our Smirnoff brand team and they have confirmed that Smirnoff Ice is a vegan friendly brand."

Company email (June 2012):
"In regard to your inquiry, please be advised that Smirnoff Fluffed Marshmallow has not been certified as vegan, but no animal products are used.
In regard to the processing system used, please note that it is our policy not to provide proprietary information to external parties for private or commercial purposes."

Company email regarding malt drinks, January 2012:
"In response to your inquiry, we dont use any animal based raw materials, but we have not certified the products as vegan."

Note from Gwynn:
"I just wanted to let you know but Smirnoff root beer and espresso have dairy in them. The bottles say so, as well as researching any websites about kosher can also verify that. Thanks!"

Company Email: Nov 2010
"Smirnoff Ice has not been officially certified to be a vegan product (meaning that it has not been tested and gone through the certification process as of yet).

The Smirnoff products that have been tested and certified to be vegan are Smirnoff Vodka (blue, black & red). Smirnoff Twist Vodka (black cherry, citrus, cranberry, green apple, lime, orange, raspberry, strawberry & vanilla) Smirnoff Twisted V (cranberry, green apple, mandarin orange, & raspberry). The other Smirnoff products are being reviewed with no release date of when a determination will be made as to whether they are considered a vegan product. "

Company Email: Nov 2010
"In regard to your inquiry, please be advised that Smirnoff Ice does not contain any animal ingredients, nor are any animal products used during production (although Smirnoff Ice is not certified vegan at this time)." from

Update: Aug 09
Company Email:
"We would like to inform you that while we do not use any animal products, we do not certify our suppliers or our products as being vegan at this time. We sincerely apologize for any "

Update: "The following products are considered to be vegan products: all Smirnoff non-flavored vodkas, all Smirnoff Twist flavored vodkas, Smirnoff Ice Raspberry Burst and Smirnoff Ice Green Apple Bite."

Company email:
"In regards to your email, we advise you that there are no animal or bonechar by products in processing directly or indirectly. If you have any further question or concerns please reply back and we will do our best to help you."