Asahi Breweries Ltd has some vegan options

Address: 23-1, Azumabashi 1-chome, Sumida-ku
Tokyo, 130-8602
Fax: +81-3-5608-5152
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Products by Asahi Breweries Ltd:

Company email (December 2020)


[Google translation: "For the raw materials you inquired about, please refer to the label of the product can body, etc.

"As stated in the raw material notation, there are no products that claim to be vegan. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we do not provide information on the details of the manufacturing process."]

Company email (May 2018) re: Woodstock Bourbon
"Our Woodstock Bourbon are not suitable for vegetarians"

Company email (April 2013):
"Thank you for your inquiry for Nikka Whisky. We, Asahi Breweries, Ltd., have received your inquiry through the website of Nikka Whisky Distilling Co. Ltd., which is our subsidiary company and is only in charge of production. Asahi is in charge of sales, and therefore, we are responding to you. No animal products are used as ingredients in our whiskey."

Company email:
"The beer is filtered through diatomaceous earth.
Filtration of the matured beer produces a sparkling amber draft beer."

Company email:
"Our Asahi beer products are all vegan-friendly. We do not use any animal products in the brewing process of our beer."