El Silencio Holdings, Inc is vegan friendly

Address: 1625 17th Street Suite 5
Santa Monica, California, 90404
Phone: 310 396 9004
Email: info@silencio.com
URL: https://www.silencio.com
Checked by: Tim
Double checked by: Tim
Added: over 3 years ago
Double Checked: 10 months ago

Products by El Silencio Holdings, Inc:

Company message from Tim (October 2021)
"While I wasn't able to get an email, I did get a message from their main online marketing guy (Kip) saying that he "just confirmed that Dahlia can be considered both Vegan and Vegan friendly"."

Company email (December 2018)

"All of our mezcal is produced with organic ingredients, and is vegan-friendly! As with most liquors, mezcal does not feature any cream, honey, or additional flavors/ingredients. The result is a 100% agave spirit."