Zeffer Cider Co. is vegan friendly

Address: 1747 Korokipo Rd, RD3
Fernhill, Hawke’s Bay, 4185
New Zealand
Phone: +64 6 650 1836
Email: info@zeffer.co.nz
URL: https://www.zeffer.co.nz/
Checked by: Carrie
Double checked by: Shane
Added: about 4 years ago
Double Checked: over 1 year ago

Products by Zeffer Cider Co.:

Company email (January 2021)

"Happy to confirm that all Zeffer ciders and seltzers are vegan-friendly as none contain any animal ingredients nor do we use any in our cidermaking process. We craft all Zeffer products at our cidery in Hawke’s Bay, NZ, including the ciders available in Australia. We’ve just started labelling all our ciders with a more prominent 'vegan friendly' callout to help inform consumers too"

Company email (June 2018)

"Yes all of our ciders are vegan and we definitely don’t use any not fined/filtered animal products such as milk, eggs or gelatin."