Laphroaig Distillery is vegan friendly

Address: Port Ellen
Isle of Islay, Argyll, PA42 7DU
Phone: 01496 302418
Checked by: Kristina
Double checked by: David, Dave, Ditte
Added: about 12 years ago
Double Checked: about 1 year ago

Products by Laphroaig Distillery:

Ditte notes (May 2020)

"They’ve confirmed, that their 10 year old whisky is vegan friendly and produced in Scotland."

Company email (March 2013)
Whisky is made with 3 simple ingredients... Barley, yeast and water. No animal ingredients are used in production. The whisky's aged in "bourbon only" are...

Quarter cask
10 year old
18 year old
18 year old
10 year old cask strength

The rest contain a small amount of sherry [note: we haven't heard from Laphroaig, but other distillers who use sherry casks claim that sherry fining would happen later in the production, so their products wouldn't be contaminated with animal products]

Company email (June 2012)
"Laphroaig does not contain any of the following."
("the following" - as I interpret it - refers to the questions asked in the Barnivore template)

Company email (January 2012):
"Laphroaig is made without any animal ingredients in the product or in the processing of the product.
Laphroaig is only made at Laphroaig distillery on Islay and no where else."

Company email:
"Laphroaig cotains three main ingredients which are barley, yeast and water as far as I am aware it does not contain anything else."