Louisville Distilling Co. LLC is NOT vegan friendly

Address: Louisville, Kentucky, 40202
Email: https://contact.angelsenvy.com/
URL: https://www.angelsenvy.com/
Checked by: Jason
Double checked by: Justin
Added: about 6 years ago
Double Checked: 12 months ago

Products by Louisville Distilling Co. LLC:

Company email (April 2023)
"We cannot certify that our Bourbon is vegan, because gelatin is occasionally used in the Wood Aged Port. We source our Port casks from many houses in Douro, so are unable confirm each batch with the producers."

Steve notes (February 2018)
"Angels Envy Bourbon is finished in Port Wine Barrels. Port Wine that is finished in barrels is almost always cleared with Gelatin. There is no way a bourbon finished in Port Wine Barrels can be vegan unless the distiller can prove that the barrels used do not have Gelatin in them. Angels Envy is Vegan up until it is aged in these barrels. I have an allergy called Alpha-Gal (hard to explain, you will have to look it up). I have had a reaction to Angles Envy. It used to be my favorite bourbon but I cannot drink it anymore."

Company email (January 2018)

"Our product is made from corn, rye, barley, and water. We do not add any additional animal ingredients. All of our products are bottled on site."