Montenegro Srl. has some vegan options

Address: Via Enrico Fermi, try 4
400069 Zola Predosa
Phone: +39 051 61.70.411
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Added: over 6 years ago
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Products by Montenegro Srl.:

Company email (December 2021) re Select Aperitivo
"We confirm you that Select is vegan friendly."

Company email (December 2017) re Vecchia Romagna:
"Il brandy Vecchia Romagna รจ una bevanda alcolica che non prevede l'impiego di ingredienti di origine animale, ma nel cui ciclo di lavorazione potrebbero essere impiegati coadiuvanti tecnologici di origine animale."

[Google translation: "The brandy Vecchia Romagna is an alcoholic beverage that does not require the use of ingredients of animal origin, but in whose processing cycle could be used technological adjuvants of animal origin."]

Company email (July 2017) re Amaro Montenegro:

"Amaro Montenegro is an alcoholic beverage with a production cycle that does not use or come into contact with any animal ingredients nor uses processing tools and aids containing elements from animal origin. We therefore consider Amaro Montenegro to be suitable for both vegetarians and vegans."